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Name:Lenneth the Creator
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Valhalla, Asgard

Interests (37):

all-mother, angel slayer, arngrim, asgard, brahms, dipan, dipan time machine, einherjar, four treasures, glance reviver, hrist, hrist valkyrie, lenneth the creator, lenneth valkyrie, lord of creation, lucian, midgard, mystina, nibelung valesti, not being stalked, not!lezard valeth, platina, purifying undead, ragnarok, roleplaying, rp, seraphic gate, silmeria, silmeria valkyrie, time travel shenanigans, valhalla, valkyrie, valkyrie profile, valkyrie profile silmeria, vp, vp2, weeping lilies
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